Food Collection Efforts

So far, many items are being collected.  LOOK BELOW FOR COLLECTION SITES.

If you would like to pick an item to collect and ask your school, neighborhood, family, friends, co-workers, children’s clubs, Bunco groups, church, etc… to help out, we would be fighting hunger RIGHT WHERE WE LIVE!  It’s giving hope and comfort to struggling families, letting them know that they don’t have to stress about how they will provide a holiday meal.     Isaiah 58:7  I want you to share your food with the hungry and to provide shelter for homeless, oppressed people. When you see someone naked, clothe him! Don’t turn your back on your own flesh and blood!

**McDonald’s has committed to collecting 500 boxes of stuffing at all Porter County locations from 9/15 to Nov 5.

**RiffRaffs Bar & Grill (391w US Hwy 6, South Haven) has committed to collect 500 cans of corn.  Rock on!

**Crisman Elementry School (6161 Old Porter Road, Portage, IN) is having a school-wide campaign to collect 500 brownie mixes!

**Sisters, Cheryl Hilzley & Lisa Dempsey offered to collect 500 boxes of corn bread mix.

**Renee Reno Patton is collecting 100 cans of green beans from family & friends.

**Banta Feeds will have a food collection in October for 500 Turkeys in the Jefferson Park area for all menu items.

**Scott Morris will be collecting 100 boxes of mashed potatoes!  GREAT!

**Mike and Alicia Baker are asking friends, families, co-workers ect… to collect 100 Mashed Potatoes.

**Mike & Pat Thurber just offered to collect 250cn cranberries.

**Boardworks, Inc (1203 Formula Dr.Valpo) has offered to collect 100cn cranberries, 100cn green beans & 100cn yam’s!  Thanks John!

**Zamm’s Gyro’s (925 Central Ave, Lake Station) committed to collect 100 cans of Green Beans.

**Rhonda Wilkie Joseph and family has offered to collect 100cn green beans.

**Sara Main & family will collect 100cn green beans.  Thx!

**Cindy Higgins & family are collecting funds from Alabama to purchase Brownie mix in memory of their son & brother, Jeremy Higgins.

**Annette & her co-workers from Digestive Health Care (2206 Roosevelt Road Suite A, Valpo) are collecting 100 cans of Yam’s & Sweet Potatoes. 🙂

**Mirror Image Dance Studio (3207 Cascade Dr. Suite G, Valpo) are joyfully collecting 150cn Yam’s.  Thanks Amanda!

**Family Bible Church (6400 W US-6, Portage) will be collecting 150cn Yam’s.

**New Song Fellowship (212 Lincolnway, Valpo) will be collecting all menu items at their location below BW3’s in Valpo.

**Bridge Point Church in Valparaiso (old YMCA) has offered to collect 500 packets of gravy to include in this holiday meal.

**150 cans of corn and 2 cases of apple sauce have been donated.  Thanks Kathleen McClure!

**Grace Point Church is now collecting 300 boxes of Mashed Potatoes to support 500 Turkeys.

**(YOUR NAME HERE) is providing (#) of (pick your menu item) to Gobble Up Hunger in 2010.

Prayerfully consider how you would like to participate.
Hope to hear from you soon.   Jeni