How It Works


In 2009, God planted our mission of providing an entire Thanksgiving meal for a family of 4 that they could cook at home. Through over 500 volunteers and trust in God, we were able to provide the food necessary, money for the turkeys and $5 for each recipient!

In 2010, God proved himself worthy of all of our praise once again! Through the tireless effort of our volunteers, we were able to raise the food and funds necessary for another 500 meals at Thanksgiving.

In 2011, we upped the challenge to include TWO of every side item in the box. That’s 1,000 items on top of the 500 Turkeys!

In 2012, the bar was raised again by God’s provision of extra boxes and collections that helped us feed nearly 600 families.

In 2013, our goal  was to feed 700+ Northern Indiana families in need.  That goal was met with the grace and support of our community.

2014, we set the God & the community made it possible to feed 912 total families!

2015 promises to glorify God by helping 1000 families in our community.  We would be honored to have you join us in making these blessings happen.